Got Water?

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Water- the champion of drinks in my opinion. Ahhhhh. But why? Its tasteless, has no sugar and doesn’t feel nearly as energizing as let’s say Powerade, Gatorade, or (bless the people that created them)…energy drinks. So thirst quenching, those chemically altered, added sugar, carbonated, caffeinated, and food colored beverages that glitter on the shelf at the sale price of 2-for-1… (are you catching the sarcasm here?) Do we feed those drinks to plants? Trees? Certainly not. We give them water! So that they can grow, and blow in the wind without cracking, bloom without shriveling up! It is their foundation.

I know it sounds like beating a dead horse, but water is the foundation for YOUR system too, and I know I am not the only one telling you this. Dehydration paves the way for tight muscles, buildup of metabolic waste, and… yep knots. It also adds to the tenderness and discomfort you may experience when getting a massage,. The more dehydrated you are, the more likely you are to cringe when it seems I am barely touching a tender spot, and the more likely your body will fight back against me when I try to release tension. You may tighten up your muscles unknowingly, hold your breath for a second until I tell you to breathe, and even catch yourself clenching a fist.

I always give out bottles of water after a massage and tell you (well, I may sound more like a drill sergeant) “DRINK UP!”. Why is this so important? When you are receiving a massage, the action of kneading and deep glides moves fluid around and releases waste that your body needs to process. That is why it is common for clients to use the bathroom after a massage- their body needs to get rid of the gunk. Massage also activates the circulatory system, and without water, you may as well be forcing thick globs of oil through your veins. Massage is a workout for your entire body despite the fact that you are not lifting one single 5-pound weight. Anyone here feel thirsty after a workout, a brisk walk or run? Maybe, you even feel the need to rest. Same concept going on here folks. I work your muscles out, and you rest and replenish.

Now let’s move onto muscle tension. There are many factors that weigh in in regards to tightness, lack of range of motion, pain etc. Ever try to pry open a door that needs a little, or a lot of WD-40 on it? Doesn’t work well, does it, and if it does it certainly doesn’t sound pleasant. Your body is a complex system of levers and pulleys that are in constant motion even if you are just sitting there typing. Without water, your body becomes fatigued more, has trouble moving, cramps up and feels stiff. Are you mopping up what I’m spilling? Your muscles, fascia and tendons need lubrication to glide smoothly and work how they were designed to work. When you dehydrate them, stiffness sets in, fluid can’t move throughout the body, and toxins become lodged in those “knots”, making movement difficult, range of motion limited and performance impeded. It remains as such until someone, like myself, comes to rescue the day with her cups, tools, and hands to get it out. Despite my efforts, without enough of that precious H2O post-massage, your body will have trouble disposing of all the gunk I just loosened. (Ever just swing said door back and forth hoping that it will break up some dried crud and stop that awful creaking noise? Does it work? Maybe temporarily until more dust, and dried gunk sets in and you’re left with the same situation you started out in.) By drinking water directly after a session at Inner Roots, you are giving your body the hydration it needs to replenish the once toxin loaded areas with beneficial fluid and the kidneys the support they need to process toxins and metabolic waste easily (without the added stress of having to process sugar, salt and whatever else is included in those fancy schmancy drinks). You can up the support of toxin removal by adding doTERRA lemon oil to a glass or stainless steel bottle of water, thus improving the taste. Drinking water (and not just one bottle) after a session also supports your body into a speedier recovery as well, so that you experience less soreness the day after your massage. So DRINK UP folks! Your body will definitely thank you for it, and you will notice an improvement in energy, movement, and recovery.

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