Glass Recycling

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Every wonder how you can reuse those glass jars and bottles instead of tossing them? Has your township now banned glass recycling in your neighborhood? Do you desire to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle? Great news-you’ve come to the right place.

Many townships are no longer accepting glass jars and bottles because they have no where to store the glass. For the environment, this stinks but fortunately there are ways you can re-use these items in your own home!

-I always accept glass at my office because I use them all around my house. Items I am accepting are:

-salad dressing containers with lid

-salsa, pickle, condiments etc. jars with lid

-candle jars with air tight sealing lid

-glass olive oil, vinegar bottles

-alcohol bottles with screw top, or plastic cork lid

-mason jars with lid

-old style flip-to-lock jars and bottles any size

-glass spray bottles

You can bring these to my office at 135 Cumberland Road, suite 106, Pittsburgh PA 15237 anytime you wish. Text or call me at 412-445-6769 to see when you can drop yours by!

Here are some other ways you can re-use glass in your home:

-Turn any bottle with a lid into a glass water bottle! Bonus: you can safely add your essential oils into it, it’s free, and washable.

-Re-use any jar and store a DIY sugar or salt scrub in there

-Use any jar to store food in the fridge, or nuts, dried fruit, fresh ground coffee on your counter! If your crafty, look up ways to decorate glass that needs to be washed- I love the paint markers myself! Paint, bake and you’re all set! You can even use chalk paint to spray paint the lids and label them!

-Use an empty olive oil or vinegar bottle to make your own dressing! Healthier, cheaper and there are TONS of recipes online.

-spray paint mason jars, add a ribbon and stick fresh cut or fake flowers in them!

-use empty candle jars orders with the airtight seal to hold your cotton balls, q-tips and other bathroom esentials. Or google a make your own candle recipe.

-Paint empty jars and re-use them as a pen cup, paper clip container, straight pin container and more!

-some grocery stores let you bring your own jar to buy bulk rice, quinoa, spices, beans and coffee. Check with your local store!

-some restaurants allow you to bring your own to-go cup to use for fountain drinks… a friend of mine told me Panera now does this.

There are TONS of simple or extensive DIY crafts you can do with glass jars and bottles. Grab some family and friends, hit the craft store and have a fun crafty night in!

-DIY crafts to google: recycled glass soap dispenser, mason jar to go cup, wine bottle crafts, glue gun mason jars, yarn wrapped painted candle jars, DIY kitchen glass storage, DIY recycled glass crafts.

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